Kylie Jenner Keeps Cool, Announces Two New Lip Kits While Creep Tries to Ram Down Her Gate

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Kylie Jenner churned out two new lip colors ahead of the Fourth of July.

In order to support her beauty bar tab at Sephora, Jenner unveiled “Skylie” and “Freedom” in honor of the patriotic weekend. Jenner noted in her Snapchat announcement that the inspiration for light blue Skylie came by way of the hue of her newly-repainted Ferrari, which was a gift from He Who Must Not Be Named. Skylie and the dark navy shade, Freedom, will launch on Friday, June 24.

Meanwhile, back in Calabasas, an uninvited gentleman arrived at The Oaks — the gated community in which Kylie, Rob, and Khloé Kardashian all reside — and told security guards that he had a meeting with Kylie. According to TMZ, the man “rammed into the gate, cracked it and then sped away” after the guards told him to buzz off. He reportedly returned a few weeks later and cracked the gate again, but surveillance cameras tracked him down upon his escape. He has since been hit with two misdemeanor charges of vandalism. Thus, her wigs’ big move to Hidden Hills comes with perfect timing.