WATCH: Celebrities Break Down Into Tears Over Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Hot Guys, Cute Dogs, Can't Lose
They don't call dogs "man's best friend" for nothing!

Joaquin Phoenix, Matt Damon, Kristen Bell, and Kate Mara are just some of the many celebrities who got raw and real over the Yulin Meat Festival, an annual Chinese event in which 10,000 dogs are tortured and killed for eating, in a powerful ad riveting video condemning the practice.

Not holding back any emotions, stars break down in front of the camera as they beg attendees and organizers to stop abusing the animals.

According to local belief, inflicting pain on the dogs will make the meat tastier and imbue it health benefits. Thousands of canines are slaughtered every year — often using beaten, skinned, gutted and boiled alive — for stews to be served in restaurants throughout the city of Yulin.

“We’re here asking you to stop the cruelty,” Damon solemnly says in the video as Rooney Mara and Maggie Q asks to put an end to the violence in shaky voices.

A teary-eyed Phoenix pleads, “Stop the hangings. Stop skinning them alive.”

Other celebrities involved in the video include Pamela Anderson, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Andy Cohen, Alicia Silverstone, Sia, Bill Maher, Russell Simmons, and Minnie Driver.

Learn more about how you can help stop the abuse at the Animal hope & Wellness Foundation website.