Chris Brown Is Being Sued by His Manager for Assault

Chris Brown Calls His Baby Mama 'Poop Butt'
Well, this is one way to treat the mother of your child.

Chris Brown’s manager is accusing the singer of assault, according to a new lawsuit filed by Mike G.

In the legal documents, Mike G, who was hired by Brown in 2012 to fix his reputation after the infamous Rihanna beating, claims the 27-year-old attacked him early May in a “drug-fueled” rage, punching him in the face and neck. The suit also alleges that Brown was not remorseful about his actions after Mike G had gone to the emergency room, saying Breezy was bragging about the fight and threatened other people on the tour with a beating if they did not behave.

“We did everything we could to resolve this in a non-public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown. Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy,” Mike G’s attorney, Patty Glaser, told TMZ.

Brown has since responded to the lawsuit by sharing a series of Instagram videos calling the whole situation a “shit-throwing contest.” He is claiming that Mike G was fired for allegedly stealing money from him.

“I fired them because they’re stealing money,” he says in a clip. “You’re stealing money pal, so you’re mad because you’re no longer existent … God Bless you. Wish you the best of luck.”

Mike G’s attorney is now saying that they will add a defamation claim to the lawsuit over the theft allegations.

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