Anton Yelchin’s Death at the Center of a Class Action Lawsuit Against Jeep

The manufacturer of the vehicle in which Anton Yelchin tragically met his death has been hit with a class action lawsuit.

Filed by Hagens Berman Sobel Shapiro LLP on behalf of Jeep owners, the lawsuit calls out Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for an “unreasonable delay” in fixing a mechanical issue on the 2014-15 Jeep Grand Cherokee that increased the likelihood of a “rollaway” risk. The suit says that the car’s gear shifter is “dangerously defective because there is no tactile or position feedback to the operator as to whether the care has actually been placed into the safe-to-exit ‘park’ gear.” It also suggests that Yelchin’s death might have been related to the aforementioned risk.

“FCA’s unreasonable delay in fixing the defect and its warning letter was obviously too little, too late for Mr. Yelchin,” reads the lawsuit.

FCA called this connection “premature” in a response statement on Monday.

The class action lawsuit states that the car manufacturers only recalled “over 811,000″ vehicles in the U.S. in April even though reports of malfunction date back to 2015. FCA issues that they identified 700 field reports related to the issue, including 212 crashes, 308 claims of property damage and 41 injuries, as of April 12.

The plaintiffs request damages for fraud, immediate replacement of the defective part, a temporary replacement vehicle, and compensation for any additional costs related to the issue.

Yelchin passed away at the age of 27 when his Jeep rolled backward down his steep driveway and pinned him against a brick wall — a part of his security gate.