Instant Follow Friday: Blake Lively Loves Sharks

Blake Lively is all about sharks.

It’s not that random considering she is the star of 2016’s shark film The Shallows, out in theaters today (June 24, 2016). Despite the fact that in the film Lively’s character, a young pro surfer/med school drop out, is fighting for her life as she battles a shark for 99% of the movie in the shark-infested, blood-drenched water we see in the trailer (below), on Instagram the actress is incredibly vocal about saving the sharks (#saveashark).

Her posts are actually very informative about shark conservation:

Shark conservation also means we need to protect our oceans:

Okay, she’s really just a huge shark nerd in disguise:

Who knew Serena van der Woodsen could pull off being both an Upper East Side “it girl” and a shark attack victim, bleeding from her leg as she’s stranded atop a rock, or an old buoy, or (no joke) an old whale carcass for 90-minutes on screen?

There’s also a pretty important seagull in the movie too, in case sharks don’t interest you.

Generally, on Instagram, Lively is often posing with some kind of animal or her family (oftentimes hubby Ryan Reynolds), or documenting her latest and greatest fashion forays. Her photo captions are surprisingly hilarious, as well.–_dMXx4Lw/?taken-by=blakelively&hl=en

Happy national sibling day. Yes, our parents are breeders.

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If there’s one person living her best life with a laugh, it’s Lively.

Check out the best of Blake Lively’s Instagram in the gallery above.