Joanna Lumley on What It Was Like Kissing Your Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio

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As it turns out, Joanna Lumley and Leonardo DiCaprio were both “anxious” about kissing one another in The Wolf of Wall Street

Lumley, 70, joked on The Graham Norton Show (airing tonight, June 24, 2016) that one of main reasons why she took the part of Emma, the aunt of Jordan Belfort’s wife (played by Margot Robbie), in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf was because she’d get to make out with bae.

Obviously it was one of the main reasons I took the part…Leo was an adorable guy. He’s sensational, a fantastic actor and I had always longed to meet him.

joanna lumley kissing leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street
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She complimented Leo for being “humble” and “adorable,” and said that ultimately their big kissing scene took twenty-seven takes (get it, girl) and a lot of peppermints.

He is incredibly sweet and charming, really good-natured, utterly humble and grounded – not at all starry. He’s an actor’s actor…I don’t know why I thought he would be any different. It’s always nice to report that huge stars are completely adorable.

It took us 27 takes…. “Sorry, Martin, didn’t get that quite right, can we go again?”

But you both chew gum and eat peppermints as if you’re disinfecting a hospital. Actors are very sensitive about that because if you’re singing or talking close to someone in front of the camera, or kissing, it is really quite intrusive. It’s just a courtesy – teeth cleaned virtually to extinction.

Lumley is now starring in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, based on her ’90s and ’00s show Absolutely Fabulous co-starring Jennifer Saunders. Lumley and Saunders both appeared on Norton (along with Rebel Wilson) to discuss the original TV show and how awkward their first script reading was:

Watch her joke about her modeling career in the video below: