Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Onstage Appearance at LA Comedy Club 

Amber Heard Once Accused Johnny Depp of Cheating
New details about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's tumultuous marriage have surfaced...

The movie star decided to surprise a comedian, and his audience, by crashing his set over the weekend.

Johnny Depp dropped by The Comedy Store, a landmark venue in Los Angeles, on Saturday night to raise a few glasses with some close friends. A surprise appearance from the legally-embroiled actor alone would have turned heads, but the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor took it a step further and decided to crash a comic’s set on stage!

Comedian Matt Edgar apparently mentioned that Depp was in attendance during his performance, which prompted the movie star to venture on stage and declare jokingly that his fifteen minutes was up, according to E! News. Then, the two lobbed jokes at each other, which was met with wild applause.

Then Mat was joined by Johnny Depp! #johnnydepp

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The 52-year-old actor spent most of the night with Doug Stanhope, another comedian who did not perform that evening. The sighting of these two friends together is particularly interesting because when Amber Heard first filed for divorce citing spousal abuse, Stanhope came to Depp’s aid, penning an op-ed piece in The Wrap claiming the actress was blackmailing Depp. Heard fired back with a defamation lawsuit, insisting Stanhope’s accusations are “completely false.”

Heard currently has a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband.