WATCH: A Race Car Jay Leno Is Riding in Flips Multiple Times

In a sneak peek to his CNBC show Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay Leno got a pretty thrilling – and kind of scary – ride.

The clip shows how Leno is excited to be able to cross something off his “bucket list” by meeting childhood hero, legendary drag racer Bob Riggle, and taking a spin with Riggle in the Hurst Hemi Under Glass race car.

“This has been on my bucket list ever since I was a kid, ever since [the car] stood up in 1965,” said Leno, 66. “2,500 horse power … what could go wrong?” he asks.

Well, obviously, a lot could go wrong – and indeed it does. After a smooth start with the 80-year-old Riggle at the wheel, the car pops a wheelie, and you can see Leno’s glee. But then, as the car heads into a turn, it flips and rolls over multiple times.

Cameras inside the car capture Leno and Riggle, who are wearing helmets and seat belts, bouncing around in a terrifying way. Watch above!

Both men were unharmed, and walked away from the accident. Leno even cracks, “It was certainly exciting!” Riggle added, “This is only the second accident I’ve had in 50 years of running this car!”

Jay Leno’s Garage airs on CNBC Wednesday at 10 ET.

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