In Honor of Shark Week, Here’s 8 Celebs Who Have Literally Swam with Sharks 

This is a list you can sink your teeth into!

Shark Week has returned on the Discovery Channel, meaning all other TV is going to be irrelevant this week. It also means we’ve rounded up all the celebrities who have actually gotten up close and personal with these sometimes monstrous sea creatures including Zac Efron, Rihanna, Andy Samberg and many more!

Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2006, while taking a break from filming Blood Diamond, Leonardo DiCaprio opted for a shark-cage diving expedition near Cape Town, South Africa. During the dive, a shark apparently jumped out of the water to retrieve a piece of tuna and landed in the cage with the actor! “Half of its body was in and out,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show. “And I flattened down at the bottom, and it was this far away, and it chomped a few times but I survived it.”

Zac Efron

The High School Musical alum took a break from filming Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in June 2015 to swim with some tiger sharks off the coast of Hawaii, and the photographic evidence is jaw dropping!


In Dec. 2014, as part of her shark-infested Harper’s Bazaar cover, the Barbadian beauty climbed in a tank at an aquarium in Tampa, FL. to get a close look at three eight-foot sharks. We knew she was wild, but this is seriously pushing it!

Jennifer Lawrence

While filming The Hunger Games: Catching FireJennifer Lawrence took a day off to put on a wetsuit and swim with some whale sharks, manta rays and zebra sharks at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium. She’s clearly fearless, as an actress and beyond.

Jennifer Lawrence Visited Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium
CREDIT: Georgia Aquarium

January Jones

The Mad Men actress and shark advocate has swam with Caribbean reef sharks as well as whale sharks. She is a part of the conservation group Oceana and works to raise awareness about shrinking shark populations. “Without them, things go out of balance,” Jones told Oceana in 2011. “So it’s silly to be scared of them. We should be scared for them.”

Andy Samberg

In 2011, the SNL alum got involved in Shark Week and although he’s not the best swimmer, he still managed to find ways to mingle with the ocean predators. His stint as the week’s host was hilarious, as well as terrifying.

Andy Samberg Swims with Sharks
CREDIT: Discovery

Halle Berry

While filming Dark Tide in 2012, the stunning actress had more than few close encounters with some big sea life. Besides some astonishing photos, she revealed that she got in the water, but never took risks with her life. “I got into the same water as the sharks. Was I scared? Yes. But I never put myself in harm’s way because I’m a mother and there are certain things I just would not do any more.”

Halle Berry Having a Close Encounter with a Great White
CREDIT: Dark Tide/Rex Features

Anderson Cooper

It turns out, not only is Anderson Cooper a top-notch journalist and author, he’s also something of an adventurer. He has apparently swam with great whites off of South Africa and even found himself surrounded by a pack of sharks off the coast of Cuba! “The sharks were so close, you are tempted to reach out and touch them,” he said during a 60 Minutes episode. “And I did reach out at one point … and then I think I thought better of it.”

Anderson Cooper Swims with Sharks