Taylor Swift Never Met Calvin Harris’ Parents Once During Their 15-Month Relationship

Whirlwind Romance
Taylor Swift Is Apparently 'In Love' with Tom Hiddleston After Traveling to Rome Together

Taylor Swift is fresh off of her meeting with her new beau Tom Hiddleston’s parents in England, which her ex Calvin Harris finds ironic given that she never met his parents once during their 15-month courtship.

Hiddleswift went public with their romance only two weeks ago on June 14 when photos of them kissing on rocks in Rhode Island were published in The Sun. Hiddleston then met Swift’s parents Andrea and Scott during their time in Nashville, and Swift just met Hiddleston mom over the weekend. She and his family took a stroll on the beach in Suffolk, England, before the pair headed off to Rome.

Given the fact that Harris and Swift recently split at the end of May, Swift’s new romance with Hiddleston is moving incredibly quickly, to say the least.

According to TMZ, Harris thinks it’s “f****** laughable” that she’s already met the Thor actor’s mother, considering she never met his parents at all.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … Calvin wanted Taylor to meet his parents, who live in the U.K., but Taylor always told him it was too far away. We’re told Calvin was understandably “bewildered and astonished” when he heard about TayTom’s visit to meet his mother, Diana … in the freakin’ U.K.!!

TMZ adds that Harris thinks Swift is moving quickly with Hiddleston in order to “lock down a Bond girl role … IF he becomes the new James Bond, as rumored.” Which is obviously believable.

Since their breakup, Harris has been swarmed by the paparazzi and the constant cameras in his face are seemingly getting to him. Yesterday leaving the gym, he got into a car accident after being asked by the paparazzi who he might date next. Ignoring the question, he got into his Range Rover but forgot to close the driver’s side back door, slamming it into a wall when he backed up in reverse. The damaged door closed when he pulled forward.

He tweeted an apology after the accident: