Blake Lively Is Actually Acting Afraid of a Piece of Tape in ‘The Shallows’

Blake Lively drowns your adrenaline-pumping conception of what it was like to work on her latest shark thriller, The Shallowsin an interview with Hamptons Magazine.

Lively explains that she inadvertently prepared for her role in her new film by spending time with conservationist, Michael Rutzen, a few years ago when she went diving with great white sharks. “I went from having that standard primal fear that people have of sharks to really appreciating them and understanding them and respecting them,” she tells Hamptons. “So what I love about [The Shallows] is that it gives you an inside [perspective] on sharks. You get to see that we’re pushing them into more shallow water because of global warming, and they’re just doing their best to survive, too.”

While all of this experiential research helped prime her psyche, Lively says that hands-on experience while filming was not all that intense.

“Ninety-nine percent of this movie was me acting to a piece of pink tape or a man with a shark fin swimming around me in circles just so the camera could track where the shark would be CGI’d later,” said Lively. “That was incredibly challenging because I really appreciate having a costar to play off of and I feel like they always make me better. This movie, I only had my imagination to play off of.”

By comparison, shooting Café Society with Woody Allen might have been more intimidating even though she had Allen film veterans, Jesse Eisenberg and Parker Posey to literally hold her hand through the process.

“The first day I met Parker, she knew how nervous I was, and she reached under the table and grabbed my hand and just held it when Woody came over to give us notes after the first take,” Lively recalled. “That was really nice to feel so quietly seen and supported.”

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CREDIT: Hamptons Magazine