Drew Barrymore Could Be Getting a Talk Show Next Year 

The bubbly actress could be hosting her very own show soon! 

Would you watch a Drew Barrymore talk show? She’s reportedly considering doing a syndicated program. According to The Wrap, the 41-year-old performer is in talks with Warner Bros. to create a major broadcast show, however it could end up being more like a reality show, which would be just fine with us!

Barrymore is already attached to star alongside Timothy Olyphant in Netflix’s forthcoming comedy Santa Clarita Diet, so this would certainly give the 50 First Dates starlet a full plate.

Since she first stole America’s heart as the pig-tailed tot in E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialBarrymore has seemed to effortlessly stay relevant despite shifting trends in the industry. And her family is a Hollywood institution, so she knows just about everyone! Maybe she’d be a natural questioning fellow stars and experts.

Stay tuned for more!