Justin Bieber Is Off Probation for Egging Neighbor’s House

Justin Bieber’s probation has finally come to an end two years after he vandalized his neighbor’s house by egging it, causing $80,000 in damages.

He completed all of his requirements and then some: TMZ reports Bieber paid the $80,000 for the repairs, performed 40 hours community service by painting walls and picking up garbage, was placed on probation for two years and “ordered to keep his nose clean.”

Bieber apparently impressed the folks at the Probation Dept. So his lawyer, Shawn Holley, went to court a month early and got a judge to end probation.

“On June 9th — 30 days before his probation officially expired — he became a free man again.”

Congratulations Bieber! Looks like that apology tour really worked.