WATCH: Matt Damon Goes Full ‘Jason Bourne’ with New Prank for Charity 

C’mon, pranks and charity are always a winning combination!

Matt Damon may be known for his serious roles in movies like Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Identity, but that doesn’t mean he can’t crack wise when the time is right. And for his new prank with Omaze and, he did just that.

The Oscar-winner set up a ruse in one of LA’s lavish shopping centers where total strangers were randomly handed a phone. And who’s on the line? Mr. Damon…and he needs help. In the clip, the A-lister hilariously asked total strangers to do some pseudo-spy legwork. Of course, this was a prank, so he also had them do ridiculous things like compliment a mother on her children. And Damon asked one guy to buy a hotdog is downright hilarious.

Those few who listened to the movie star won tickets to the Jason Bourne premiere and will get to hang with the leading man afterward. But wait, there’s more! You can also enter to win the chance to chill with the leading man and attend the Vegas premiere! Head here for details.

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