Nicole Kidman Spotted with Grey Hair on the Set of ‘Top of the Lake’ 

The gorgeous actress’s new role clearly requires a lot of movie magic!

Nicole Kidman was seen looking decidedly unglamorous on the set of Top of the Lake: China Girl recently in Sydney, Australia. Apparently, her character on the second season of the detective show has messy coif of gray hair and sunspots.

The actress was photographed leaving her trailer while on the phone, sporting Uggs and a puffy winter coat. Very little is known about her role but the first season of Top of the Lake was packed with eccentric characters, so Kidman’s downtrodden look makes sense. And the Oscar-winner has a long track record of taking on outlandish, transformative roles (that nose in The Hours ring a bell?). 

Elisabeth Moss will be returning to star in the show’s second run, set four years after the prior events. Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie also has a large role in the new season.

This one is headed for the top of the queue.