WATCH: Rob Kardashian Explains Why He Didn’t Tell His Family About Blac Chyna Engagement

Rob Kardashian’s three sisters — Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian — are confronting their little brother about his surprise engagement in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After learning that Rob got engaged to then-frenemy Blac Chyna though social media, the girls sit him down for a heated discussion about why they weren’t informed of such a big life decision.

“I gave her the ring and then I got on the knee after. It happened, like, spontaneously, that’s why you guys weren’t in the loop, ‘cause I was gonna do this regardless. I just didn’t know when and it ended up happening,” Rob first explains.

However, his older siblings aren’t content with his explanation.

“We want to be honest with you. We felt like we should’ve at least got a text that said, ‘Hey guys, I know you’re seeing this on social media. It’s true,'” Kim says, who was on a ski trip in Aspen with Kris Jenner, her sisters — including Kendall and Kylie Jenner — and Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga, at the time. “People were asking us and we were like, ‘We don’t even know if it’s true!'”

“If you guys were really concerned and wanted to know, you guys would’ve said, ‘Is this true? Congratulations, you just got engaged!'” Rob retorted. “You think I’m just going to post some fake shit because I’m a media whore?”

“It’s a two-way street. You guys could’ve easily picked up the phone and called me. No, I’m not going to talk to you guys when you’re in a room with Tyga on a ski trip,” he continues. “You guys act like I’m supposed to just call you and say this and that when you hate this girl!”

After admitting that he does understand that it was hurtful to not personally let his sisters know about the engagement, Rob then drops another bombshell — presumably about Chyna’s equally surprising pregnancy — on his unsuspecting siblings.

“I get I upset you guys, I get I’m your brother, only brother, you would like to know when something important like this happens. I apologize because I wasn’t trying to be rude,” he says, before adding, “And then there’s one more thing I have to talk to you guys about, but I don’t want you guys to get mad.”

Oof. Watch the full confrontation — above.

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