Tom Hiddleston Talks About Filming Nude Scenes for ‘High-Rise’ 

Taylor Swift’s new man chats about stripping down for his latest film.

Yes, there’s more to director Ben Wheatley’s film adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s novel High-Rise than Tom Hiddleston lounging naked on a patio. However, that scene was heavily promoted because loads of filmgoers have no problem paying just to see Tom Hiddleston lounging naked on a patio.

Today, a commentary clip was released featuring the leading man and the film’s director joking chatting about the titillating scene.

“He’s a great character,” says Hiddleston as his nakedness takes over the screen. “There he is with no clothes on.” At this point Wheatley adds, “This is it, this is my whole plan, to hang all of the marketing on Tom Hiddleston being naked. And it’s worked a treat!”

Yep. Yes. Indeed.

The film is about a luxury apartment building in 1970s London that isolates its inhabitants to that point that many lose touch with reality; violence and mayhem soon follows.

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