17 Times Canadian Celebrities Did Very Canadian Things

It’s no secret that Hollywood is filled with Canadian celebrities. Though they may be living among us, it’s not that hard to pick them out of the crowd. After all, they can still get very patriotic about their motherland up north.

To honor of Canada Day, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite Canucks doing very Canadian things. From getting Tim Hortons to generally being just a bunch of nice and polite people, here are 17 times Canadian celebrities showed their true red-and-white colors.


1. Ryan Gosling and Mike Meyers singing a song about Canada

Toronto Maple Leafs jersey? “Soar-y”? Bonhomme de neige? Yes, please!


2. Wayne Gretzky presenting Justin Bieber with an Edmonton Oilers jersey

The great one

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A Canadian icon and a not-so-good one. (You be the judge of who we’re referring to.)


3. Seth Rogen tweeting about Drake and CanCon

For those of you who didn’t major in Communications at a Canadian university (they don’t just call them “colleges” there), CanCon is derived from the Broadcasting Act of Canada, stating that radio and television broadcasters must air a certain percentage of content that was at least partly written, produced, presented, or contributed by Canadians. In other words: It’s a good thing Drake exists or else they’d be stuck with Nickelback up there.


4. Will Arnett giving a super intense speech about the Leafs

Canadians take their hockey very seriously. Like, very seriously.


5. Rachel McAdams riding the TTC

CREDIT: Twitter/Asmodean_Sum

How do you get around your old stomping grounds? You take the Toronto Transit System, of course!


6. The late Cory Monteith (RIP) sporting a BC Lions toque while being escort by a Mountie

CREDIT: Splash News Online

Yes, they have football up there. No, they don’t call it a “beanie”.


7. Justin Bieber eating Swiss Chalet


You know you’re a Canuck when you take your girlfriend to have dinner with your family at the most Canadian chicken chain ever.


8. Deadmau5 and Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford going for Tim Hortons coffee

We bet you a loonie that they got a double-double.


9. Shania Twain showing up at the Juno Awards wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey

A hockey jersey is totally red carpet-appropriate in Canada.


10. Justin Bieber meeting former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in front of a row of Canadian flags.

CREDIT: Flickr

But what’s with the overalls?


11. Ryan Reynolds’ nod to Vancouver in his Twitter handle

Homeboy’s gotta rep his hometown. If you haven’t noticed, he also tweets a lot about Canada, too.


12. Drake being a fanboy at a Toronto Raptors game

State Farm All-Star Saturday Night - NBA All-Star Weekend 2014
CREDIT: Getty Images

He’s just so happy to be there.


13. Michael Bublé singing the Canadian national anthem

O Canada, indeed.


14. Alanis Morissette performing “O Canada” at a hockey game

In an Ottawa Senators jersey no less!


15. Céline Dion singing the national anthem in French

Because Canada’s just really proud of its bilingualism, okay?


16. Shawn Mendes posing for a picture with Mounties

So this is what happens on a Canadian red carpet!


17. Justin Bieber calling Drake “Daddy”

CREDIT: Instagram

Pree show

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So much love for his fellow Canuck.