Celebuzz’d 017: An ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Theory and the Best of 2016 So Far

Celebuzz’d 011: Our Favorite Celebrity Feuds
Tea tastes a lot better when it's mixed with tequila

If you’re a fan of our Celebuzz’d podcast, you’ll know by now that we enjoy a good conspiracy theory just as much as Fabio loves beavers.

This episode we present a hypothesis about Orange Is the New Black that came by way of the Netflix muses and/or insufficient coffee in Mia’s system. Careful inspection shows that Lolly Whitehill, Officer Healy’s pet schizophrenic inmate portrayed by Lori Petty, has a voice doppelgänger floating around in Hollywood. At the 3:20 mark of our podcast, which you can find down below, we test Matt Russoniello’s ability to guess who that person could be.

If you guess it before he does, drop us a comment on Soundcloud and we’ll send you a ramen seasoning packet from the Celebuzz commissary. (The good kind; promise.)

But what we’re really here for is to kick off our Half-Year in Review that will begin on Monday (July 4, 2016), where our editors resurface all of the biggest songs, albums, TV shows, movies, and news stories from the first half of 2016. Listen in to preview our picks, including Beyoncé‘s Lemonade, Deadpool, and the Richard Simmons saga that just won’t quit, and determine what yours would be.

Finally, we asked the editors to give us their Half-Year Resolutions and Half-Year Predictions from the pop culture perspective. Check them out down below, but first, have a listen to Episode 18:

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