WATCH: Alexander Skarsgård Addresses Rumors He and Girlfriend Alexa Chung Are Getting Married

If this is the first time you’re hearing Alexander Skarsgård is ready to get hitched, don’t worry, this is the first time that he’s hearing it too.

Skarsgård stopped by Watch What Happens Live to promote his new movie The Legend of Tarzan, but it’s wasn’t host’s Andy Cohen’s questions that took his by surprise. During the aftershow, fans called in to ask Skarsgård questions, and one fan asked if the rumors he was getting ready to walk down the aisle are true.

“Wow, I hope I’m invited,” he replied while laughing. “Wow, thank you.” But Cohen didn’t let Skarsgård, who’s been dating model and TV personality Alexa Chung for about a year now, off that easy.

“Are you getting married in the next year?” Cohen asked. “Not that I know of,” Skarsgård replied. “But if it’s in a gossip magazine, I guess it’s probably true, so I better get started.”

The actor recently touched on the topic of marriage during an interview with Vanity Fair Italia, revealing that he is in no rush to get hitched. “I have no children and am not married. But I come from a big family; I have seven brothers and sisters,” he said. “The smallest is under four years old; I’m surrounded by teens and children. So, although I like the idea of having my own family, I’m in no hurry. ”