Here’s 6 Terrifying Movies for Your Shark Week Hangover 

Because the hair of the dog (fin of the shark?) is always the best remedy for the morning after.

Sadly, today is the last day of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. But before you return to your Netflix binging, here’s a few shark-infested flicks to prolong the fun.

The Reef

This Australian movie will have you gripping your chair in terror. The story follows a group of friends sailing the waters of Indonesia when their boat capsizes. Their best chance is to swim to a nearby island, but a big, terrifying great white shark starts stalking them.

Deep Blue Sea

Yes, this movie is ridiculous. And not just because LL Cool J plays a born-again Christian chef on a research facility. But its delivers loads of cheap thrills and hair-raising moments. And if you set all that aside, Samuel L. Jackson’s death scene alone is worth a viewing.


Starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, this cult classic about a freak storm casting giant sharks into the skies over Los Angeles is so popular, it has spawned three sequels, with a fourth on the way! This silly movie might be the perfect way to shrug off all those toothy close-ups on Discovery.

Open Water

It’s so simple. An American couple is accidentally left behind while scuba diving in the Caribbean. Before long, sharks begin to swarm around them. That’s the whole damn movie and yet you can’t look away.

The Shallows

This brand-new thrill ride centers on Nancy Adams (Blake Lively), a former med student who ventures to a secluded beach to surf. Soon she finds herself marooned on a rock 200 yards from shore with a great white shark circling. As far as survival stories go, this one is a nail-biter.


This was the first movie that made you afraid you go in the water. Not only is it a classic, the story of a rogue shark stalking the residents of a scenic East Coast island has aged incredibly well and still delivers!