10 Things You Don’t Know About Khloé Kardashian’s ‘Make Out’ Buddy, Trey Songz

Here's Khloé Kardashian's One Dating Pet Peeve
Though Khloé Kardashian is single and ready to mingle...

Trey Songz may be the latest to join the Kardashian clan.

After he and Khloé Kardashian were spotting making out in a Las Vegas club over the weekend, we thought we’d get to know the man who might get her to finally move on from Lamar Odom. The first thing to know is that he and KoKo hit it off at her 32nd birthday, where they flirted the night away.

If you don’t already know him from his songs, then you might have seen him hanging out with Drake or Chris Brown. He has more than seven songs recorded with the Canadian rapper and he once hung out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner because of Brown.

Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, has established himself as a successful R&B singer and sex symbol (have you seen his smile) over the years. However, you might also remember him in 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3Dwhere he dies in a car crash.

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With hits like “Say Ahh” and “Neighbors Know my Name,” he definitely knows a thing or two about women, which can only mean that Kardashian is in good hands.

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