Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Red, White and Blue Moments

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Butt
Kim Kardashian is putting the "behind" in "behind-the-scenes.

Kim Kardashian looks great in every color, but she spends a lot of time wearing red, white and blue! We guess she likes to show off her patriotic side!

To celebrate the Fourth of July, we decided to put together a gallery of Kim’s most memorable red, white, and blue moments!

This gallery will definitely get you in the holiday spirit! Take a look at all of the photos to see how Kim likes to show her country pride!

We all know Kim has great style. From designer handbags to couture dresses, her outfits are always incredible. Honestly, does this girl ever get it wrong?

Launch the gallery to see more of Kim’s patritoc outfits!