Ansel Elgort Teases New Music by Covering Shawn Mendes

Ansel Elgort, DJ and actor notable for his foot-in-mouth syndrome, just covered a song by Shawn Mendes, who last week declared he was not gay.

What a pairing.

Yesterday, Elgort posted an Instagram video of him singing Mendes’ song “Treat You Better” while playing the piano.

In the caption, he announced that his debut single “Home Alone” will also be released next week on Soundcloud. And in a new Facebook video update, Elgort shared his process in creating music, which includes composing, producing, and singing:

Elgort is already known in the music biz as an EDM DJ, going by the name Ansolo. But this phase of his musical career (i.e. as a singer) is separate, as the new tracks will be under his own name, Ansel Elgort.

Last month, Elgort gave fans a taste of his range by mixing a snippet of his upcoming song “Home Alone” during his Ansolo set at Ultra Korea (which he shared on Instagram):