Amber Rose Offers Advice on Parenting as a Single Mom 

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The Muva is offering her support to the Aussie performer after a messy breakup.

The brand-new talk show host has some thoughts for parents trying to raise kids with their exes…

Amber Rose is proving to be a treasure trove of knowledge lately. The model-turned-TV-personality recently did a Q&A with BuzzFeed where she answered fans’ questions, including how to get along with an ex for the sake of the kids.

Women are just naturally smarter, so if you just really take the high road in every situation, especially with a separation or a divorce or something, if you’re always the bigger person, the nicer person in the situation, eventually they’ll come around and it’ll be the best thing that could ever happen for your baby,” Rose offered, who raises her three-year-old son Sebastian with ex Wiz Khalifa. “Try to have family days with your kid’s father, that’s the best thing for your baby.”

Rose implored parents to not drudge up old battles with their exes. Instead, make nice and focus on what’s best for the child.

My son is the happiest when he’s around me and his dad at the same time. Just push for that — don’t bring up old shit, don’t bring up anything that happened in your relationship — just worry about your baby,” she said.

The proud mama also shared that she pushes her son to do his best when he tries things.

“He needs to put 150% into everything he does — there’s no ‘I can’t’ in my house. My son knows from the gate if he wants to take on something, like a sport or the piano or the guitar or whatever the case may be, that he really needs to focus on it and follow [it] all the way through.”