Prince Harry Turns Down a Kiss During an Outing to the Blair Project

Prince Harry Found His Inner Rockstar at Kensington Palace's First Concert
It might as well be his audition to be considered as One Direction's new frontman.

Yesterday (July 5, 2016), Prince Harry took some time to visit the kids over at the Blair Project in the U.K. where he had a very eventful day, to say the least.

Upon his arrival at the Blair Project for an outing to promote youth sports, Harry was immediately welcomed by a group of women singing their own version of the Andy Williams song, “I Can’t Take My Eyes off You.”

While the Prince didn’t know exactly how he felt about the song, he was quick to turn down a kiss offered by another woman, instead offering her a handshake.

The Prince spent the next few hours touring the area and visiting with the children, including trying his hand at fishing.

Soon after, Harry headed over to The Three Sisters’ Racing Circuit, where he met with children with special educational needs and disabilities who are set to be the first in the country to design their own computer designed go karts.

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