Olivia Munn’s Secret for Wrinkle-Free Skin 

Olivia Munn Reveals the Biggest Drawback to Losing 12 Pounds for 'X-Men'
Olivia Munn recently made headlines when she unintentionally lost 12 pounds preparing for X-Men: Apocalypse.

The X-Men: Apocalypse actress eats one food every day to stay flexible and ward off wrinkles!

Olivia Munn recently chatted with The Cut about her rigorous workout routine, as well as her diet, and she revealed a few surprises. First off, the gorgeous starlet makes her own almond milk.

“My trainer for X-Men taught me about how to make almond milk,” she said. “I never liked milk before, but when I made it, it was so delicious — I could really taste the difference. Once I saw the effects and how my body felt, I thought, ‘Why not do it.’”

As for her toned physique, the 36-year-old actress shared that when she’s in LA, she does Body by Simone, an intense type of dance cardio. She also enjoys some martial arts. “I started working on X-Men, and doing tae kwon do and floor work. It was better than all the regular personal-training-type things I was doing, where you do weights, crunches, and squats. It’s better for me to do things that are more skill-oriented, so my brain is focusing on accomplishing a skill rather than, say, doing ten squats. I end up getting a better workout.”

But her strangest revelation was how she works to maintain younger, healthier skin: Japanese root potatoes.

“I watched a news report with Connie Chung about Yuzurihara, Japan. It’s called the ‘City of Long Life,’ where there are 80- and 90-year-olds with no wrinkles, who do hard labor four to five hours a day. In this area where they live, they can’t grow rice, so they grow these certain potatoes: Japanese root potatoes and Japanese sweet potatoes. They’re high in hyaluronic acid.”

Munn shared that now she eats these potatoes every day and has definitely noticed a change…

“Usually, in the morning, I would get the pillow creases [on my face] and rub them out with lotion,” Munn said. “Now, after a month of doing the potatoes every single day, the line would be gone as it was when I was younger. I know there are vitamins or supplements with hyaluronic acid, but I didn’t feel like I saw as much of a difference as I did getting it from the natural source.”

And we’re off to find some Japanese root potatoes! Bye!