The Biggest, Funniest, Saddest, Most Shocking Stories of 2016 (So Far)

The Best Albums of 2016 (So Far)
Rih, Drake, Bey, and MUCH more!

2016 is halfway over if you can believe it. How quickly time flies!

All this week, we’ve been sharing our 2016 (so far) favorites: songs, albums, movies, TV shows, and stories. Today, for our last feature: stories! I asked all of Celebuzz’s editors to send me three stories from 2016 that made them laugh, cry, experience shock, or otherwise made an impression. From the death of David Bowie to the soap opera saga of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian to Taylor Swift’s big rebound with Tom Hiddleston, these are the stories that stayed with us.

Please Note: We are a celebrity news outlet, and therefore, most of the stories that we cover and those that are referenced below relate to the entertainment world. It needn’t be said, but I’ll say it anyway: the highlighting of the following stories does not imply that they are somehow “bigger” or more important than, you know, actual world news.

Matt Russoniello

David Bowie Dead at 69

I felt the shocking death of David Bowie in a deeply personal way — I have been a fan of his music and art for many years — and as part of the culture grieving the loss of one of the last great rock ‘n’ roll legends. That he knew he was dying and released an album that touched on themes of (his own) death a week before his died somehow both worsened the pain and soothed it. Rest in peace, Starman.

Golden Globes 2016: Watch Lady Gaga Strike Gold for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

It’s no secret that I stan hard for Lady Gaga, arguably the greatest all-around performer of this generation. (Taylor Swift may sell more records, but you’ll never convince me she can do her job better than Gaga on a bad day.) Seeing Gaga rewarded for her first real turn as an actress was a pleasant surprise (I really had been expecting her to lose), but seeing her so overcome with happiness was the real treat.

Beyoncé Drops ‘Lemonade’ on HBO And It’s Her Most Raw, Personal Album Yet

The surprise release of Lemonade, Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, wasn’t a “surprise” on the level of her last album, Beyoncé, because we knew something was coming. Lemonade’s release — and the album itself — was, however, better. In every respect. Months later, people are still talking about the album: the music, the visuals, the narrative, the messages. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t include Lemonade on their year-end best-of lists. And don’t trust anyone who can’t tell you what they were doing when Lemonade premiered.

Kaitlyn Laurie

WATCH: Adele and Ellen Degeneres Throw Jamba Juice Employees for a Loop in Funniest Prank Ever

Adele and Ellen DeGeneres’ prank on Jamba Juice employees gets me every time, from when she starts eating wheat grass and making deer sounds to swigging Disaronno to calling for Simone, her “assistant,” who she doesn’t know is standing right next to her. Ugh, Adele. So good.

Britney Spears Met Hillary Clinton, Endorsed Her for President, Then Awkwardly Took it Back

Oh, Britney. In case you didn’t know, Britney Spears is awkward as hell, especially on Instagram. After meeting Hillary Clinton, she posted a photo of them (looking awkward) and included in her caption Clinton’s hashtag, #ImWithHer. Then she deleted it, prompting everyone to wonder: why?

Kristen Stewart Kisses Rumored Girlfriend Soko

K-Stew and Soko’s short-lived, whirlwind romance was pretty cool, personal feelings on Soko aside. It was the first time we saw Kristen Stewart go really public with her relationship (and with a girl) since Robert Pattinson – hand holding and kissing in the streets of Paris, to New York, to LA. And then just like that, it was all over sometime around Coachella but before Cannes, where K-Stew was spotted with back with her ex, Alicia.

Mia Lardiere

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian May Have Just Announced They’re Expecting Their First Baby

It was only a matter of time before a ring and embryo shook the foundation of the Kardashian empire. Welcome, one and all, to the era of Angela.

Richard Simmons Is Not Being Held Hostage by His Housekeeper, ‘I Just Sort of Want to Take Care of Me’

This story arc is a collage that quantifies just how desperate American society is when it comes to celebrity news. Couldn’t we leave Richard Simmons and his maid to their own (aerobic) devices?

Here Are All of the Things that Kanye West’s Models Could/Couldn’t Do at the Yeezy Season 3 Show

I’m still considering selling cross-stitch wall hangings that say “ALTERNATE BETWEEN ATTENTION AND EASE” on Etsy. Thoughts?

Jelani Addams Rosa

Are Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Hooking Up?

Literally every single tweet, shady SnapChat, and even shadier Instagram about Rob Kardashian’s empire ruining his relationship with Blac Chyna is my favorite thing ever, but I’d like to pay homage to where it all began.

Kanye West Insists He’s Not a #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch

Only Amber Rose can the most epic Twitter beef of the year with a hashtag. And let’s be real, everyone is still listening to their “KanyeAnalPlaylist.”

Bobby Brown Had Sex with a Ghost and Five More Revelations From His ’20/20′ Interview

LOL, whut?

Gabi Chung

Kanye West Claims in Post-Yeezy Season 3 Rant that Taylor Swift Came up with that Lyric About Her

What a saga! Just when you thought everything was fine and dandy between these two again, they’re back to feuding again after Kanye West rapped about making Taylor Swift — or “that bitch,” as she’s called in the song — famous. Yeezy says he got TayTay’s permission to use the line. Swift’s camp insists no such thing happened. Even Kim Kardashian has jumped into this hot mess, claiming she has receipts of the conversation. All in all, it’s a trainwreck and I can’t look away.

Calvin Harris Calls Taylor Swift Out on Instagram, Says She ‘Controlled the Media’ and He’s Finally ‘FREE’

Between this, Diplo’s comments about Taylor Swift being “very strategic with her friends” and Ed Droste’s remarks about her being “self-serving” and “calculating,” it seems like there’s another not-so-sweet side to dear ‘ol TayTay that the public doesn’t know about. Maybe Katy Perry is right. Maybe Taylor Swift really IS a Regina George in sheep’s clothing.

‘Harry Potter’ Actor Alan Rickman Dies at Age 69, Read J.K. Rowling’s Statement

The year 2016 has been a bad one for celebrity deaths. Though David Bowie and Prince’s passings were pretty shocking, Alan Rickman’s death hit me pretty hard since I’m a fan of the Harry Potter movies. I’ll still hear his voice as Snape when I read the books. Always.

Scott Baumgartner

David Bowie Dead at 69

Terrible and sad news for all music lovers.

Taylor Swift Kisses Tom Hiddleston After Calvin Harris Split, Romance Rumors Ensue

This just sounds like fan fiction! LOL!

Are Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Hooking Up?

Everything about this match-up is ridiculous, but that’s why you can’t stop reading about it.

Michael Prieve

Taylor Swift Kisses Tom Hiddleston After Calvin Harris Split, Romance Rumors Ensue

WTF? What have you done, Tom Hiddleston?

Talent Always Wins: How Lady Gaga Monster-Clawed Her Way Back to Cultural Dominance

Many people were ready to write Lady Gaga off as a has-been, but after a few years of hits and misses, Lady Gaga rose to dominance once again. It started off with an AMAZING Super Bowl performance and took off from there!

Authorities Reveal Names of Orlando Shooting Victims

The Pulse nightclub shooting was an immensely tragic event and the way that we chose to honor those who lost their lives in this senseless act of terror was to share a little bit about who they were.