A Gay Kiss Between Alexander Skarsgård and Christoph Waltz Was Removed from ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ 

Here’s why it didn’t make the cut…

Last weekend, The Legend of Tarzan swung into theaters showcasing Alexander Skarsgård’s picture-perfect abs as his wild titular character and Jane Clayton (Margot Robbie) attempt to fight the nefarious Captain Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz). The film was marketed largely on the chemistry between Skarsgård and Robbie, who share some steamy scenes, but it turns out the leading man also shared a kiss with Rom, although it ended up on the cutting room floor.

“We pared it back because it was almost too much. It was this really odd, odd moment when Christoph kisses him,” director David Yates told The Sunday Times. The scene actually involved Rom kissing Tarzan while he is conscious.

Yates went on to explain that while filming, the moment felt right but in postproduction, it was difficult to assimilate it into the grander narrative. “We loved it at the time. But early test audiences were perplexed by it and in the end it just felt too clever and overworked.”

The filmmaker also discussed how, early on, they planned to make Tarzan and Jane’s sex life a bigger part of the film. However, the end result is far more subtle.

“I liked the idea that they could have great sex, and that it could get quite primal,” Yates said. “The cut we ended up with was more muted, and more sensual instead, even though we did touch upon those primal desires.”