Prince George’s First Royal Engagement Was All-Around Adorable

Prince George’s first official royal engagement at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford this morning (July 8, 2016) was an adorable affair complete with the jets, helicopters, and a pair of baby blue noise-cancelling headphones atop his cute little head.

Prince George was of course accompanied by his parents the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William as they checked out the planes.

Are they just the most beautiful family or what?

prince george first royal engagement touring airplanes kate middleton prince william
CREDIT: Getty Images

At one point during the outing, Prince George, who turns three in a few weeks on July 22, got a little overwhelmed by the noise of the airfield (which the Daily Mail referred to as a “tantrum”).

People notes, George “who wore noise-blocking ear protectors, pointed at planes in the sky, waved to visitors and seemed especially fascinated by the tail rotor of a helicopter.”

prince george first royal engagement kate middleton prince william
CREDIT: Getty Images

Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk added to the magazine, “I imagine his father has told him about helicopters, so he knew what that was called and kept saying, ‘tail rotor.’ It was good to see his technical knowledge! Some training going on early!”

Check out more photos of Prince George, Kate Middleton, and Prince William in the gallery above.