Don’t Worry, Wilmer Valderrama Is Doing Just Fine Post-Split from Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato split last month after six years of dating.

But don’t worry, he’s doing “good.”

E! news asked Valderrama, who’s partnered with Old Spice’s Right Hair Wrongs campaign, how his summer has been thus far and he replied:

“[I’m] good, very good. It’s been a great summer for work, I’ve done some incredible things.”

Wilmer has a big new leading role coming up on NCIS, co-starring alongside lead Mark Harmon.

“This year has become a really interesting journey already. To be signed onto something so incredible like NCIS and have a couple of movies in the works and producing all the other stuff that I’m doing and this partnership which is so fun…So far this year has been explosive and fun.”

“It’s going to be super exciting and fun to join that ongoing train of goodness. So many people love the show. I’m proud to be creating a new character.”

As for his exciting Old Spice partnership, Valderrama explained to E! why he loves the products: “One of the reasons this partnership makes so much sense is that every character I create has a different weird look. From the villain to the cop to the solider. I’ve been able to use the products  to create a different tool for each character.”

Lastly, Valderrama opened up about his relaxing 4th of July weekend at home, saying it was “refreshing” to just be back in LA by the pool with his family.

“I’ve been working in so many locations over the last year and a half and it was refreshing to be in LA and finally be in my pool. That was really exciting. I got to catch up with my family—I hadn’t seen them in about six months because it’s been so busy. So that was great.”