This Tabloid Story About Adele and Pizza Is Legendary AF

Across the pond, Adele may or may not have chartered the most epic pizza delivery voyage.

English tabloid, The Sun, reports that Adele ordered a pizza at 11 p.m. from a restaurant in London. The only problem was that she, her partner, and her son, Angelo, were stationed 70 miles away at a resort in Oxfordshire.

The pizza arrived four hours later due to the lengthy drive and a source from Soho Farmhouse, the place of her retreat, suggested that she fell asleep while waiting.

“It was still in the box when the maid came next morning,” they said to the tabloid.

“Soho Farmhouse staff members are trained to say yes to anything,” added the source. “Adele made the most of that.”

Her representatives declined to comment on the story, but if the rumor is true, we understand this scenario all too well.


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