Chris ‘Hemsy’ Hemsworth Can’t Stop Watching Himself in Hilarious New Foxtel Ad 

Even he can’t get enough of himself!

Chris Hemsworth is probably better known for his more dramatic roles, but he’s no slouch when it comes to comedy (he has plenty of zingers as Thor and is in the Ghostbusters remake, which is pretty much a gathering of comedy royalty). Consider his new ad for Foxtel, a TV and film streaming service in Australia. The handsome leading man browses Foxtel’s programming options but time and again ends up watching himself with hilarious results.

While shaking up a protein shake, Hemsworth watches one of the Thor movies when his inner monologue, calling himself “Hemsy,” chastises him for his vanity.

So what does he do? He strolls to a couch in his gorgeous home and turns on the movie The Cabin in the Woods, which he also stars in…you can guess where this is going.

Check out the amazing self-indulgence above!