Gabourey Sidibe Opens Up About Dealing with Racism

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As a black actress in Hollywood, Gabourey Sidibe is no stranger to racism. During a recent interview with People, Sidibe opened up about how she deals with racism and why she’s hopeful for the future.

“As a black actress, I have a few social media accounts and every single day I deal with racist comments. Not a day goes by that I don’t have to block someone from calling me a fat n—-,” Sidibe confessed when asked to share her own experiences with racism. Because of the racism she deals with every day, Sidibe admitted she wasn’t surprised at the backlash she received after speaking out about the recent murder of Alton Sterling.

“I tweeted something about it and I just said, ‘Who’s going to be next?’ And I said, ‘I’m scared,’ ” she told the publication. “And the amount of hate I got … I mean, I once tweeted that I was watching Roots, and I can’t tell you how many people I had to block.”

“There is a long, long way to go and it breaks my heart,” she continued. “I’m scared. I’m not just scared for myself, I’m scared for my family, I’m scared for everyone.”

Despite the darkness Sidibe deals with on a regular basis, she hasn’t lost all hope. “I have to say, I am just so proud to know all of these people that are standing up – not just black people, but white people, anyone who has a heart really.”