Selena Gomez Surpasses Justin Bieber’s Instagram Record for Most-Liked Photo

Selena Gomez has garnered more likes on a recent Instagram photo than a throwback photo of her and Justin Bieber kissing in a hot tub.

Gomez broke the record for the most-liked photo on her most-followed Instagram with 4 million likes on this photo of her drinking out of a Coca-Cola bottle that has lyrics from her song “Me & The Rhythm” printed on the label.

“When you’re lyrics are on the bottle,” Gomez captioned the pic when she posted it two weeks ago.

Prior to Bieber’s Instagram reign, Kendall Jenner held the title for the platform’s most liked photo with 3.6 million likes on her photo where she is lying down, and her hair is arranged in hearts. Kim Kardashian’s photo of her kissing Kanye West at their wedding was at the top with 2.5 million before Jenner, but at the end of the day, does it really mean anything at all?


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