WATCH: Adele Denounces that Legendary Pizza Delivery Tabloid Story, Reveals She Does Not Like Cold Pizza

Adele did not summon a pizza delivery that required a 140-mile round-trip drive from London to her hotel in Oxfordshire.

As originally reported by The Sun, Adele ordered a pizza from her favorite takeaway food joint at 11 p.m. that arrived four hours later, by which time she had fallen asleep. Though the story itself was most entertaining, the singer dismissed the tale at a concert in Chicago on Monday night (July 11, 2016).

“First of all, I wouldn’t make anyone do that. That’s ridiculous,” said Adele. “I would never order pizza and then eat it cold. I wouldn’t do that. I might send someone out to get local pizza, but if I order pizza, I’m going to consume it.”

So, fine. No Journey to the Center of the Earth for delicious midnight snacks for Adele, but we do advise that she gives a slice of cold pizza a chance.

Watch her explanation in the video below:

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