Calvin Harris Claps Back at Taylor Swift Over Claims They Broke Up Over Ghostwriting Drama

Calvin Harris refuses to be made out to be the bad guy. After rumors surfaced earlier today (July. 13, 2016) that the real reason Harris and Taylor Swift called it quits was because he hurt her feelings after she wrote “This Is What You Came For,” for him, Harris took to Twitter to set things straight.

First, Harris confirmed that Swift did indeed write the lyrics and even revealed that a few of her vocals are featured on the hit song.

Harris continued, admitting he is confused as to why after all of this time (the song has been out for months) Swift and her people are trying to make him seem like the bad guy.

Harris goes on to suggest that Swift should just enjoy her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston and leave the drama alone. But not before adding a little bit of his own drama but dragging Swift’s arch nemesis Katy Perry into it all.


Despite the insane amounts of shade thrown, Harris ended his Twitter rant on a positive note.

Got that Taylor?