Listen to Taylor Swift Sing Background Vocals on ‘This Is What You Came For’ 

Twitter Is Loving This Hashtag Celebrating Taylor Swift's Downfall
Taylor Swift is trending on Twitter, and not for reasons that she would like.

Is this the pop singer’s voice?

A lot of things have gone down since Calvin Harris called out Taylor Swift and her team for presumably leaking a story this morning that it was her who wrote the hit song “This Is What You Came For,” which Rihanna sings on.

All of Twitter is turning on the wholesome pop songstress and the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty is running wild. Meanwhile Swift is doubling down on the accusations lobbed at her former boyfriend over who wrote the chart-topping track.

As we wait for this hurricane of shade to subside, let’s consider the track in question, which Harris did confirm contains just a touch of Tay Tay’s vocal stylings, but didn’t specify where.

“And she sings on a little bit too,” he tweeted earlier today. “Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual.”

Now, someone kind soul has cut a snippet containing what certainly sounds like the “Blank Space” singer. Enjoy!