WATCH: Gina Rodriguez Teaches Elmo the Alphabet in Spanish

Gina Rodriguez can now add teacher to her resume after she successfully taught everyone’s favorite puppet the ABC’s in Spanish.

Rodriguez stopped by Sesame Street to hang out with Elmo and took some time to teach him the ABC’s en Español. The duo danced along as the sang the ABC’s and after the second go around Elmo was a certified pro.

In the past, the Puerto Rican actress has been criticized for not being “Latina enough.” After critics had taken her to task for not speaking fluent Spanish, Rodriguez took to Instagram to defend herself, saying she’s “as Latina as they come.”

“You want to tell me I’m not Latino enough? Why don’t you stop speaking and look in the mirror and speak to yourself, because you’re telling me something that you actually probably feel about yourself. Because hurt people hurt people,” she wrote. “I am as Latina as they come. And I am not defined by anybody’s definition of Latina. I don’t actually sit in a definition. I walk in my world, happily and confidently.”