Kylie Jenner Stepped Out Wearing Massive Diamond Ring from Tyga on That Finger

Kylie Jenner continued to fuel rumors she and Tyga are engaged to be married as she was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on her left ring finger.

The larger than life marquis cut diamond first made its debut on Jenner’s Snapchat a few days ago, where Jenner revealed ring was a gift from Tyga.

This is not the first ring Tyga has gifted Jenner with and in the past, Jenner has been quick to shut down rumors that she and rapper were soon to be married. So far, neither Jenner nor Tyga has confirmed or denied whether or not they’re the next to get their own wedding special.

While an engagement hasn’t been confirmed, one can’t help but wonder if this is Jenner and Tyga’s way of trying to one-up Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Will they make it down the aisle before the arrival of Baby Blob?