Meghan Trainor Wants to Date an Old Man

Meghan Trainor is looking for a man — like, a mature man. In her latest interview with Billboard magazine, the “No” singer reveals her ideal mate would be someone at least ten years her senior. In fact, she’s already tried to find herself an older boyfriend.

“I’ve barely had relationships,” she tells the publication. “I had one real one when I was, like, 16 to 18, and the other ones were just meh.”

“I tried to have a fling with a 29-year-old, and I thought that was old,” she continues. “And it wasn’t. It was very much like a little boy in the brain. So I’m looking [at] 35 and up.”

According to Trainor, 22, her dream beau also at least pretend to be a fan and has to have a job. The singer claims her last boyfriend — the one she wrote about in Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t Your Mama” — didn’t even download her hit single “All About That Bass”.

“I don’t care if you hate pop, but support the person you claim you love,” she argues. “Pay that $1.29!”

As for other things that Trainor doesn’t have time for, the songstress confesses never exercising her democratic right as an American citizen. Though many celebrities in Hollywood have been vocal about voting in the upcoming election, Trainor is quite the opposite.

“I should be way more aware, and if it was [Hillary Clinton] or [Donald] Trump, I’d definitely vote for her,” she says. “But I’ve never voted and I don’t have any desire to.”

She adds, “I think it’s ridiculous that random crazy people can buy guns.”