Troye Sivan Talks Tour Life and the Power of Social Media

The Aussie pop star discussed life on the road and pushing others to find out what drives them.

Overnight sensation Troye Sivan has teamed up with Sweet Tarts for a new campaign built around freedom of expression and encouraging everyone to chase what they love.

“I think the thing that originally drew me to the campaign was the message, one of passion and following your passion,” Sivan told Celebuzz.“That’s something I try and tell my fans every day.”

The new campaign is a vibrant collage embracing individuality and raw passion featuring images of gamers, LARPers, and Sivan himself performing. The campaign’s colorful and inspiring atmosphere is a perfect match for Sivan’s multi-textured, lush pop melodies ruminating on love, coming of age and self-discovery.

Sivan, who just completed his first headlining tour, was forthright about his own ever-changing evolution, as an artist and beyond. And although his debut album Blue Neighbourhood was a runaway success and boasts a strikingly mature sound, the 21-year-old has big plans for what’s next.

“I think I know now, more than ever what I want to sound like. What feels like me and what doesn’t feel like me,” Sivan said. “I’ve grown and changed and I want [my next tour] to reflect that.”

Like all artists, the crooner’s relationship with his fans often starts with social media, but for the young Aussie things like Facebook and Twitter do more than create more shared experiences: they can also blur the lines that often seem to divide us.

“I’ve met the vast majority of my friends through the internet,” he said. “How well-educated and open-minded my generation is I attribute to the internet. If something terrible happens in the world, for the first time you can actually see everyone standing together and reacting. I think it shows the world we are a lot more similar than we probably think we are.”