Glen Powell Talks ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ and ‘Hidden Figures’ 

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Still from 'Everybody Wants Some!!'
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This week, Richard Linklater’s latest film Everybody Wants Some!! arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD, offering another brilliant slice-of-life film in the tradition of Boyhood and Dazed and Confused. Glen Powell, who plays Finn the debonair ladies man, spoke with Celebuzz about working with Linklater and his most-recent gig: playing America’s first astronaut.

“Rick’s ranch is the perfect place to build friendships. Everybody stayed in this bunkhouse together. So we’re all sleeping in the same room,” Powell said of the director’s Austin, Texas home where the cast bonded together for three weeks before production began.

Linklater’s particular brand of filmmaking might seem backward to some but it can sometimes yield surprising results. Instead of writing a script and then assign actors roles, he oftentimes lets the actors build the characters they will portray.

“Rick is very collaborative and he let us roam the props trailer, the wardrobe trailer, and kinda figure out what we were,” Powell added. “I think you can only do that if a director like Rick is so secure his abilities and what he does.”

The film chronicles a freshman baseball player (Blake Jenner) throughout the weekend before school starts at the Texas university he is attending. What follows is wild parties, disarming humor and some indispensable, coming-of-age wisdom. Powell’s character is a charming, arrogant Finn: an upperclassman who doles out witty ribbings when he isn’t chasing girls. Much of the film’s charm is the easy, natural chemistry between the ball players as they compete at, well…everything.

“That’s how guys bond, by giving each other crap and I think that’s why we bonded so quickly. We’re all so used to that locker room environment, ” Powell offered. “The peacocking nature of baseball players and athletes in general, you’re all kinda competing for who’s got the most swagger.”

Much of that camaraderie in the film was also the result of the actors getting to know each other at Linklater’s ranch.

“Those rivalries made their way into the film. There’s a scene that was literally line for line something that happened in Rick’s game room.”

The particular scene involves Finn taking a ping pong shot that no one is able to defend against, yielding some infuriated opponents. “Art imitated life and life imitated art quite a bit with this movie.”

The 27-year-old thespian also acted in the highly-anticipated film Hidden Figures, a film about three African American women whose math helps America win the space race, starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monaé.

In the film, Powell plays John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the Earth, but it’s the calculations of these mathematicians that get him there.

“[Glenn’s] got such a weight on his shoulders going into that space race and I was thinking ‘what an interesting piece of history to bit off.’ What guy didn’t want to be an astronaut growing up?” Powell said.

Among insiders, the project is already getting awards season buzz, even at this early date.

“We all knew going in it was going to be a special project,” he said. “But the feedback I’ve heard from people who have seen it is just…through the roof.”

Hidden Figures arrives January 13, 2017 and Everybody Wants Some!! is available on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD now!