WATCH: Justin Bieber Runs Across Moving Traffic While Playing Pokémon Go

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity who have hopped onto the Pokémon Go bandwagon, taking to the streets in the wee hours of the night hunting rare creatures on the hugely popular gaming app.

A little bit past midnight on Monday (July 18, 2016), Bieber was one amongst the many who flocked to New York City’s Central Park to catch a Gyarados after word spread that the rare Pokémon was spotted at the southeastern corner of the landmark. Rushing past fellow trainers and even dodging a few moving cars, Bieber ran towards the nearby Apple store to try to catch the creature.

Pal Alfredo Flores shared a video of their late-night adventure on Instagram, in which Bieber is seen jaywalking and running across traffic before whipping out his phone to catch the Magikarp evolution.

“When #Gyrados decides to pop up across the street from Central Park and all hell breaks loose!” Flores captioned the clip.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, also shared another video from the same night of Bieber running around unnoticed as passerbys were all staring intently at their phones.

“This is amazing,” he commented. “@johnny lol. @justinbieber and @alfredoflores in nyc looking for Pokemon and no one looks at who is next to them.”

However, Bieber isn’t the only star who is obsessed with the gaming app. John Mayer, Chrissy Teigen, and Demi Lovato have all been trying to channel their inner Ash Ketchum to catch ‘em all.

If you think this is crazy, just wait until the game introduces Legendary Pokémon.