Lady Gaga Gets Pulled Over by Cops Two Weeks After Getting Her Driver’s License

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Lady Gaga barely has her new driver’s license, and she’s already having a run-in with the cops.

According to Us Weekly, the singer, who received her driver’s license July 1, was spotted getting pulled over on Friday while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway in her red Ford F-150 SVT Lightning truck.

What happened, you may ask? Gaga explained in a tweet on Sunday, “Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! I just haven’t received plates yet for my new pick up!” That’s an easy fix.

The American Horror Story actress has been hilariously documenting her journey to getting a license at age 30 on Instagram.

“Thelma and Puhleaaaze,” she captioned a July 1 selfie of herself behind the wheel with one of her pals. “(And yes I FINALLY got my license after years of driving with an adult present and a learners permit) IM FREE Rollin w the homies.”

The next day, she posted another of herself bowing down to the ground next to her white Mercedes Benz after passing the driving exam. “PRAISE HIM,” she wrote.

In other Gaga news, rumor has it she and fiancé  Taylor Kinney may have their upcoming nuptials officiated by the Dalai Lama.

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