Celebrities Rally Around Leslie Jones After She Gets Run Off Twitter by Racist Trolls

10 Things You Don't Know About 'Ghostbusters' Star Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones has been making headlines in the last couple of weeks — and for good reason

With her first major motion picture premiering over the weekend, Leslie Jones should be feeling on top of the world. Instead, she’s gotten a taste of the dark side of fame.

Last night (July 18, 2016), Jones took to Twitter to interact with her fans and see what they thought about Ghostbusters but was almost immediately attacked by racist trolls.

After tweeting through her disheartening experience, Jones decided it would just be best if she left Twitter for the night, admitting she now knows why some celebrities opt not to use social media.

But just as soon as Jones was ready to throw in the towel, a number of celebrities including Anna Kendrick, Jaimie King, and James Corden, began to rally around her and pressure Twitter to make some changes in identifying and getting rid of trolls.



Jones has yet to respond to all of the love, but we’re sure it’ll put a smile on her face when she finally decides to return to social media.

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