Chrissy Teigen Reveals What It’s Really Like to Be Rich and Famous

Last night, in the midst of her usual Twitter feuds, Chrissy Teigen decided it was the perfect time to reveal what it’s really like to be rich and famous.

It all started when someone wanted to know whether or not famous people introduced themselves to one another, considering just about everyone knows who they are. Teigen revealed that celebs do in fact, introduce themselves to each other, and then she broke down celebrity etiquette.

And how do you know who is the “lesser” celeb?

What about two B-List celebs?

But Teigen didn’t stop there. After laying out proper celebrity introduction etiquette she revealed tons of other famous people secrets, like what it’s like for babies of famous people:

How celebs couples keep their identities secret on their contact lists:

Where they do their grocery shopping:

Just how celebrities find those amazing makeup artists:

Whether or not famous people love Twitter beef as much as us plebeians:

If being famous helps to get dinner reservations.

Who answers the door when they order Dominos:

How many celebrity friendships are nothing more than publicity stunts:

If celebs have their own private Tinder:

Who in Hollywood is actually apart of the Illuminati:

And whether or not celebs actually stage paparazzi photos:

So there you go, a guide book to the lives of the rich and the famous. Feel free to bookmark this, you know, just in case you need it.