Please Enjoy These Photos of a Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo and His Rock Hard Abs

Though he had to leave his latest soccer match early due to injury, Cristiano Ronaldo proved that he’s looking fit as ever during a recent boating trip with friends.

On Tuesday (July 19, 2016), the 31-year-old was seen flaunting his six-pack abs as he soaked up the sun on the dock of his private yacht. Wearing nothing but a pair of dark blue swimming trunks, Ronaldo took a dip in the water before showering himself off.

We may need a cold shower after looking at these photos, too.


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“Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank all my fans,” Ronaldo said in a recent Instagram video after injuring his knee ligament. “I wanted to tell them that all is well and that I will come back much stronger. Thank you, long live Portugal!”

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