Idris Elba Shares Sad, Terrible, Very Bad James Bond News 

Chris Pine, Idris Elba and More Bring Casual Cool to the ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Red Carpet
The stars of the new interplanetary adventure looked stylish yet comfortable for the glitzy premiere.


For months, fans and famous folk alike have voiced their enthusiasm for the idea of Idris Elba taking over the role of James Bond, perhaps the most beloved franchise in the U.K. (sorry Potterheads). However, when E! News caught up with the Star Trek Beyond star at the launch of the Idris Elba X Superdry collection in New York yesterday (July 18, 2016), the charming thespian did not have the news James Bond fans were hoping for.

“I mean, look, I’ve said it a million of times: It’s a great character and it’s an honor to be asked, but it is just a rumor,” he said tactfully.

Because that news is just awful, here’s Elba’s optimistic response to joining the Academy in the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy to get that stirred-martini taste out of your mouth:

“It’s a big, big honor,” he said. “It is nice to be a part of the Academy, and, you know, big ups to the Academy for making a big push to include people that ordinarily might not be on the list, and here I am. So, I think it is great. It means that there is some influence outside the norm for the Academy and it’s a good, good change.”

Okay… This leaves Tom Hiddleston as the most-likely contender for the coveted role. That is if he makes it out of Hiddleswift alive.