So Spoiled: Will Someone Come Between Stefan and Caroline on ‘Vampire Diaries’? 

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Let’s face it, patience is completely overrated. Netflix has clearly figured that out (speaking of Netflix, Stranger Things deserves to be on your watch list!). But because not all platforms and networks enable binging so readily, we’ve gathered up some hints for what you can expect to see in upcoming shows and premieres including new details on The Blacklist, The Vampire Diaries and more!

Wondering how the team is going to respond when they learn that Mayfair is dead on Blindspot?

“Once they really find out the truth, it’s going to be very hard on Patterson, because she’s the person Patterson has always looked up to and respected,” actress Ashley Johnson said. “It’s hard for Patterson to make adjustments. It’s going to be hard for her in many ways, and she loves Mayfair, so it’s going to be tough.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Curious how this season of Bones will wrap up?

“We’ve pulled out all the stops,” EP Jonathan Collier said. “We’re really trying to challenge our characters, challenge our relationships, challenge even the safety of those we love and wrapping it up with an incredible surprise. [The Puppeteer Killer storyline] goes to a place you’re never expecting but that makes complete sense.” [TV Line]

Will Red return to the Post Office to help Liz on The Blacklist?

“I can’t imagine him abandoning Liz,” EP Jon Bokenkamp said. “She hurt him, but we often hurt the people we love. The fact he’s been hurt isn’t nearly enough for him to walk away.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Now that Stefan and Caroline are reunited, will they be able to keep their love alive when The Vampire Diaries returns?

“We hear that a powerful new woman is coming to town, and she quickly takes a liking to Stefan,” TV Guide shared. “What this woman wants, she usually gets – even if she has to use questionable methods.” [TV Guide]